Goodbye Old Man….

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March seems to be
marching away.
The stay was short.
Sort of like a bridge

From winter to spring..
Winter faithfully kept

tiny seeds safe
Neith warm blankets
Of cold winter snow..

Their sprouting ya know

I ‘ve been watching.
April brings rain.
Poets wrote about that
long long ago.

April is great ya know?

It has to rain
And rain
and rain
And Rain…
Mother nature

(is nursing )
New life is drinking.
Father time has stirred.
things are changing..

Springs his child too
(it always takes 2)
with the rain

he brings thunder
And lightning
Winds that howl..
It’s not all about
Flowers and buds..
Spring and Jack frost
Are dancing
on cold late night mornings
winter is giving  in

to the warmth of spring.

The Old man knows
its time to go..
His time is done.
Jack is back..
and April showers
do indeed
Bring  May Flowers.
March is when
winter and spring

say goodbye.

The Birth of Spring..

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Mother Nature
and Father Time
Seem to be…Dancing.
We have come
A change of Season.
Winter might raise up and roar
But he won’t stay long
Spring Arrived
Mother Nature is
Barefoot and pregnant
With spring once more…
Time is changing.
Already Spring is Flurting
with Jack Frost
he loves her  ya know?
She’s been her awhile now
I noticed her Peeping
Through frozen ground
Back in late February
Neith a blanket of old winter  snow.
Back when ice began melting…
Mother Nature and Father Time
Are such Romantics.
They dance on  rain drops
Neith Sunshine and rainbows
He brings her early morning
rays of light
Together they give
The birth of Spring…

Springs Arrival…..

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The morning seemed
to give warning
Of Springs Arrival,
And A  promise of Sunshine.
(Winters Melting)
The Old Man is giving in
to a Season of change..
Spring arrived
Back in Late February.
Barefoot and pregnant.
She’s beginning to show.Ya Know?
It is no secret…
(Everyone knows
What’s she here for.)
Buds in trees  are shinning  
in the early morning frost.
Flowers are peeping through
Winters Frozen ground.
Things are changing.
Jacks back around too.
He’ll linger long after
Winters departure.

Winters Window…

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The old cabin
has a window
overlooking  a lake.
hidden in summer
when trees are dressed…
yet ever so present
once Autumn arrives…
it doesn’t take her long
to make a date
with old man winter..
Their lovers you know..
(doesn’t everyone know?)
she sends him  autumn  kisses
made of leaves
dancing in the cold winds..
(she left a few for me
tucked on the window)
Just before He arrives
she changes things..
(green is not
her favorite color..)
she paints them red
yellow and pink
orange..even purple..
then  she strips them naked
to prove her promice
of dancing
into winter…
I have been told
in  late September
the old man stands
at this window
watching  Her ……

The Intrusion..

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The old cabin door
stood open…
as if waiting
for my departure.
I’ve come to know
the old house
much too well..
I feel welcome
other times not..
this was a time
i felt I was
the first of Autumn
was touching
late summer  trees..
summer was passing.
To know Autumn
is to believe
Winter’s her lover..
for soon she will fall
into his grasp
their courtship is cold
and short….
first she must
redress the leaves
(green is not
a Autumn color…)
She will paint
Natures canvas
gold and red,
purple and orange…
& before she’s done..
Trees will stand naked.
This late summer chill
made me feel
winter was here…
flirting with Autumn…
they’ve been lovers so long
time can predict them…
the old door open
said many things…
as I left I watched
autumns first leaves
dancing across
wooden floors…
I did not
close the door.

Sol On Ice..

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The Cloud Dance..

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down at the river’s edge
where silence and peace
seem to welcome 
Restless spirits
(and tired thoughts…)
I sometimes find
clouds dancing
On the water..
as Mother Nature
paints her pictures
for me to find….

The Thief..

•February 25, 2010 • 2 Comments

Jack Frost came
a thief in the night
His touch left  my flowers
a  sad ugly sight.
He lingered till morning
Whisked away by the sun
but he left a message
in the damage he done.
he’ll bring old man winter
( Winter’s  just round the bend)
He’s waiting for Autumn
to come to her end.

Winter & Jack….

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Sitting on a hill
overlooking the sky..
everything about this day
speaks of winter things…
the chill in the air.
the early morning Snow.
the hidden sun.
The Naked trees.
They all
silently say
winter has
He’s here
That odd old  man
with cold icy hands
and nasy spirit.
The  wind carries
The Chill of  His  laughter…
As Jack Frost Hangs around
Just to party ..
Winters knows.
Trust me He knows
All about Jack.
It’s no Secret..
Jack  was last to see Autumn.
And  Jack will linger with Spring
Long after Winters  departure..


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December is slow days
and snow days and such……
When sunshine and warm days, 
seem so out of touch…..
It’s when we sit with a blanket
watching t.v… sipping tea
thinking about summer
and how fun she can be….